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Identity Theft

The #1 crime in America, and the world!


The FBI says:

"It's not if you'll be a victim of Identity Theft, but when!"



The most comprehensive and best priced program in America, our Proprietary Systems sets us a part from the industry standards.

Alarming Statistics

Thieves Target Children

Children are 51 times more likely to be a victim of Identity Theft than adults.

500 Hours Lost

The average number of hours victims spend repairing the damage caused by Identity Theft is 500 hours.

Fake Credit Accounts

66% of victims personal information is used to open a new credit account in their name

Stained Records

70% of victims have trouble getting rid of (or never get rid of) negative information in their records.

Loan Trouble

47% of victims have trouble getting credit or a loan as a result of Identity Theft.

False Warrants

12% of victims end up having warrants issued in their name for financial crimes committed by Identity Theft.