Identity Theft #1 Crime in America!

What is Identity Theft?

The fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's Non-public Personal Information, is typically for Criminal or Financial gain. 

Non-public Personal Information

Also called NPI, is your date of birth, social security number, drivers licence number, or anything else used to identify you as a person. Only IdentityMaxx uses special Proprietary Systems that eliminates the need for NPI, in order to retain coverage. The use of one-way encryption in a 50-Digit Letter,Number and Symbol combination, is the defense that keeps your information safe.

How We Can Help

IdentityMaxx is the most comprehensive monitoring and recovery program in the industry. We can provide full identity theft recovery/restoration and monitoring for your entire family/household for one low price . If you're a victim of identity theft, we assign you your own personal advocate and send you  a limited power of attorney, THEREFORE ALLOWING US TO DO  THE WORK ON YOUR BEHALF.

What we do


Full Identity Theft Monitoring and Recovery/Restoration for Your Entire Family/Household

  • We assign your own personal advocate 
  • The limited power of attorney allows us to do all the work for you
  • We monitor the Dark-Web
  • Real time fraud alerts by e-mail
  • UNLIMITED stay fix guarantee and restorations

No "Date of Birth" or "Social Security Number" Needed to Retain Coverage

  • An Industry First 
  • Proprietary Software

Repairs Medical and IRS Fraud

  • These are the most difficult personal items to repair, thus most companies choose to exclude coverage.

Best Coverage, Best Pricing in America

  • Our price covers your entire household. That means no hidden or additional fees. IdentityMaxx is offered through select businesses across America. (Contact us at

Fully Insured

  • A rated Insurance Company by  "AM Best Company" 

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 Consumers looking to Protect, Monitor, and Recover their identity from those who seek to Steal and Abuse it

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Businesses that take NonPublic Personal Information need a Formal Incident Response Plan, because 69% of consumers believe that companies do not take consumer Data Security seriously.

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